New machines, Soles machinery


Automatic grooving machine with changeable heads for multiples processes on pretrimmed soles. 

The machine can automatically perform the following operations:

1) Grooving and channel on trimmed soles

2) Cutting one or two visible grooves in trimmed soles

3) Hollowing out compound soles; one sole has the bottom thickness and the other the welt thickness. So, you obtain simultaneously a sole with insole and welt.

4) Removing the welt around the heel seat

5) Marking and ornament

6) Bending the trim for jourdan processing

7) Double channel for goodyear work

8) Channel and sole ornament silmultaneously

With electronic slackening of speed on the top and on the heel and with possibility to have tables and  transports with different diameters on narrow points.

Programmed Path optional device for performing partial work and/ or beginning from a precise point with automatic stop at the end of the working.

Gold marking optional device for hot pressing an ornamental design from a transfer ribbon, obtained  with a heated wheel.