New machines, Soles machinery


Roughing/ digging elctronic machine to execute the roughing working on the sole edge in leather or synthetic material with or without welt, with square and pointed tip and with automatic speed slowdown on the tip and the heel.
It is already known on the market as the F.S.O. version, this new model has been simplified in the use and it has a higher performance at the level of productivity, adopting a new sole transport system. The machine is equipped with two transport blocks with different diameters and with the ALP system which allows to automate the beginning and the end of the working.
The CM 490 model can truly work with every kind of sole and toe, even with the most difficult square and sharp toes.
The machine has been conceived to process soles of all thicknesses, including soles with thickness variation (i.e.: soles with rubber half covering).
We would like to draw your attention to the absolute perfection of the final result that the machine can get, and particularly the precise constant distance from the sole edge along all the perimeter the uniformity in removing the material. In compliance with the latest market demands, the machine is equipped with automatic decelerator at the sole toe; it is operated by transmitting and receiving photocells, which allow to cancel errors of reading on the black soles or on particularly hard-to-read materials.
We also found how to avoid the so-called “ditching of the tool”, (that is to say the increasing of the removed material in correspondence of the toe) by keeping under control the working pressure at the toe area.

The acceleration and the slowing of the sole and the cutter can be set on the control board. The machine is equipped with A.L.P. device, successfully tested on several machines of ours, in order to set up the points of start and stop automatically.
According to the type of working, it is possible to interchange the two transporters blocks given in the machine equipment:

  • 1° block with DIAM. 20 transport
  • 2° block with DIAM. 25 transport
    The machine disposes of a double-stage fan to censure a perfect cleaning
    of the working area.