New machines, Soles machinery


Trimming and copying machine for EVA, micropourose rubber and cork soles or regenerated leather (SALPA) and masonite wedges, with digital control panel.

The trimming is obtained by a cutter tool that by a roller follows the profile of a template creating the perfect copy of the desired sole, setting the cycle of the work needed:
– Forward motion starting from the toe.
– Backward motion starting from the heel.
– Both forward and backward motion.

The sole is locked by new self-centring pincers system that allows to block the sole in the right position automatically. This model must be connected to an exhauster or to the central suction system.

Sole locking system with suction plate. Vacuum high-prevalence and low-power energy, combined with self-centering pincers.(. (OPTIONAL)

Mod. IS2000.7
With digital panel you can directly set:
1. The feed speed with 10 differentiated routes.
2. The end and the beginning point of work.
3. The type of work.
4. Memorize till 100 work programs.

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