New machines, Soles machinery


It is a manual loading CNC pantograph with a high production capacity.
Designed and built to carry out excavation work for subsequent injection of plastic material, groove for stitching, decorations, heel seat, jourdan etc.
The basic version of the machine has two work surfaces; can be loaded a pair of soles for each floor, the excavation operation is carried out by two electrospindles which can work with two different tools or at the same time (tandem machining).
Piece centering can be performed by:
– double V
– lateral pin
– mask

The mechanical stability and the latest generation motorization ensure that the only constraint on the productivity of the machine is the feed speed imposed by tools and materials.
The unloading of the piece is carried out automatically, the operator only takes care of the loading and centering of the soles.
The “D” version with four electrospindles and the double horizontal axis allows reaching a productivity of 650 pairs/h with machining
with two different tools (double tandem machining).
The man-machine interface is functional and intuitive, the software accelerators and the associativity of some processing properties simplify and speed up work; conceived and designed to work on a large 19″ touch screen, it makes data entry operations clear and simple to perform.