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The CM 0380 presses are fast and completely reliable machines for the preforming of soles and insoles. The ascent of the piston is particularly quick due to its acceleration system, so as to ensure high productivity. The machines are equipped with a photocell system to ensure the highest level of safety for the operator. The pressure is regulated by means of independent valves. The pressing time is controlled by a PLC. The machines are also equipped with a heating unit for the upper part of the mould and, on request, can supplied with lower heating for the use of chrome plated moulds.

Class 4 safety barriers
Power 30 tonne
Maximum pressure 130Kg/Cm2
250 x 350 Worktop
Maximum pressure piston stroke 100 mm

Approx. width 1035 mm
Approx. height 1630 mm
Approx. depth 830 mm
Net weight approx. 800 Kg

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