New machines, Soles machinery


This inking machine allows the performance, with a signle
passing, of perfect inking, whether with water based, alcohol based or waxed inks.
-chromium plated inking rollers of the double head, so as
to avoid attack from rust or possible acids;
-interdependant millimeter adjusting on each roller, of the
quantity of ink to be supplied to the parts to be inked;
-easily removable inox steel basin, for cleaning and interchangeability;
-possibility of the application of brushes for striped inking;
-possibility of the application of brushes for the inking of
tempered soles;
-application, on request, of a constant level feeder tank,
with a capacity of three or five litres;
-rapid extraction of the upper transport rollers, with the
possibility of having them in rubber as normal equipment
for the machine, or in knurled steel if particular production
needs require their use.